Scream Fortress: The Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special!

How does the third Scream Fortress special sound, fear friends? ‘Cause it sounds like a candy-ass pile of CRAP to us! This is the fourth one!

Oh man! Merasmus?! Hell yeah, Merasmus! You excited? No? What the hell, yo. Get excited!

Obnoxious games of luck! Yay! Don’t you guys just love the things Valve comes up with?

What are these? Hell if I know! They sound cool though! Give your stuff like…weird cosmetic changes! I love it!

Oops! Skype is in the corner! #proffesional!

But new MvM waves! With zombies! Told ya so! Who doesn’t like MvM stuff? Fools! That’s who!

All two!



More like 2spooky! amirght?!

And of course, who the hell doesn’t love zombies?

Fools. That’s who.

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    I’m distracted by how regular the hole in Zombie Heavy’s torso is.
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